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Repair request Fluorescent tube type lighting magnifier

SKK series/ENV series: SKK-CL,ENV-CL

SKK series/ENV series: SKK-CL,ENV-CL

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Please enter the model name of the product to be repaired.

If you know the serial number of the product to be repaired, please write it down.

Please enter the details of the problem

Repair details: Electrical parts + light source ( (excluding fluorescent tubes )
*Depending on the condition of the product, we will perform preventive replacement, but parts that are not broken or deteriorated over time will be reused without being replaced.

Repair details: Switch, fluorescent light ballast (or inverter circuit board), fluorescent light connection socket, cord with terminal for wiring inside the appliance, AC cord

Note: Fluorescent tubes, metal, and resin main body parts and mechanical parts are not included.

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