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led coaxial lighting magnifier

Surflight SL130F

Surflight SL130F

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■Product features
・Magnifying glass has finally become coaxial lighting We have achieved a fusion of the features of lighting magnifying glass and coaxial lighting.

- Coaxial illumination can shine light onto the object from the same direction as the optical axis of the lens, making it possible to visualize the irregularities of the object.

- The magnification can be switched between 2x and 4x. The lens has an AR coating that suppresses annoying reflections and flickering on the lens surface.

- The rectangular shape is close to the human visual field, allowing you to see objects in 3D with both eyes.

■Product name
surf light
■Model name
SL130F (free arm type/clamp mounting type)
■Product specifications

lineup 2x, 4x switchable (area magnification) Optical lens Glass lens AR (anti-reflection) coating
Lens dimensions (mm) 130×50
light source white LED
Rated power consumption 16W
AC adapter format UNIFIVE336-2415(24V/1.5) Weight: 270g
AC adapter input voltage AC100V~240V 50/60Hz
AC adapter shape A plug
AC adapter cord length 1800m
Dimming function Yes (100%~10%)
Main body
Dustproof/waterproof protection grade IP30 (for indoor use only)
Operating temperature limit 0℃~35℃
Clampable width (mm) 10~60 (plate thickness)
Weight (kg) 3.1
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