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Power up lens SKK-PUL

Power up lens SKK-PUL

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■Product features
Round series power up lens "SKK-PUL" is an auxiliary lens that can be attached to the 2x interchangeable lens system to amplify the magnification.
By using SKK-PUL on a product equipped with the 2x Interchangeable Lens System, it is possible to change the magnification to approximately 5x.
This product is exclusively for 2x lenses, and cannot be used with lenses of other magnifications as it will cause significant distortion.
■Product name
Illumination magnifier "Interchangeable lens system for round series" option
■Product specifications

Dimensions (mm) Φ100
Mounting method Attach to the top of the lens frame
AR (anti-reflection) coated lens lineup none
Material glass
composition 1 sheet
Compatible models Interchangeable lens system 2x only *Cannot be used with lenses of other magnifications.
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