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interchangeable lens system

Rector Lens 3.5XAR

Rector Lens 3.5XAR

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■Product features
・Recta Lens has a rubber mounting frame set on the lens, making it compatible to use lenses with 2x and 3.5x magnification in one product.
- Square lenses physically cut out the "distortion" that occurs on the outer periphery of the lens, allowing you to obtain an enlarged image with less aberration.
- Applied with AR (anti-reflection coating), it is effective in improving detection power and suppressing fatigue.
■Product name
Lecta System Lens 3.5x
■Product specifications

magnification 3.5 times
Effective lens dimension 139×103
Eye point/distance between eye and lens (mm) 150
Working distance/distance between lens and object (mm) 120
AR (anti-reflection) coated lens lineup Yes
Lens material optical glass
Lens configuration 1 sheet
Weight (g) 730
Compatible models OOLITE 3, OOLITE 3-L series
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