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OLED lighting magnifier



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■Product features
・The world's first full-fledged organic EL lighting magnifier ・A revolutionary lighting magnifier that allows you to illuminate the light source by changing the angle of the panel (You can freely change the lighting angle from 0° to 90° (It is now possible to perform inspections by changing the irradiation angle.)
・The latest and best lens Adopts a large rectangular lens that approximates the human visual field. Furthermore, the lens surface is equipped with an anti-reflection coating as standard. The magnification is 2x and 4x, and it is an interchangeable lens system.
■Product name Organic EL lighting magnifier
■Model name
OLIGHT6-F (free arm type/clamp mounting type)
■Product specifications

Magnification lineup 2XAR,4XAR
Effective lens dimension (mm) 180×120
Lens material optical glass
Working distance (mm) 2X:160,4X:100
Lens method BIG-Rector Interchangeable Lens System
AR (anti-reflection) coat standard equipment
light source organic EL lighting panel
Dimming function Yes (100%~10%)
Rated power consumption 7W
color temperature 4000K (white)
Total luminous flux (lm) 200 (per panel)
Average color rendering index (Ra) 90
Light emitting surface size (mm) L273×W30
Rated input voltage AC100V to 240V 50/60Hz Can be used up to 240V by changing only the AC cord.
AC adapter model and rating UNIFIVE336-2415 (24V/1.5) Weight: 270g
Illuminance directly below the center (Max) 1820LX/100mm 1120LX/150mm 360LX/300mm (actual sampled values, according to our measurement method)
Illuminance directly below the center (Min) 130LX/100mm 80LX/150mm 25LX/300mm (actual sampled values, according to our measurement method)
Main body
Weight (Kg) 2.3 (excluding lens weight)
Clampable width (mm) 10~60 (plate thickness)
Dustproof/waterproof protection grade IP20 (for indoor use only)
Operating temperature limit 5℃~35℃
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