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led lighting magnifier



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■Product features
・OLIGHT5-CL is a product with two types of illumination: epi-illumination and transmitted illumination of the box section.
- The conventional square lens has been made larger and the lens area has been expanded by approximately 150%.
- The light intensity adjustment range has been significantly expanded from the conventional 100% to 50% to 100% to 0%.
- AR coating* has been standardized to reduce eye fatigue even when used for long periods of time.
- The square lens eliminates the distortion around the lens periphery that occurs with round lenses, making it suitable for long hours of work.
・The two lights can be turned on/off and dimmed individually.
・The flat diffusion/protection cover protects the workpiece and light source while reducing the glare characteristic of LEDs.
・In addition to external inspection using epi-illumination, it can be used to inspect transparent objects using transmitted illumination, check the condition of the outer periphery and inside of penetrating holes, and fish-eye inspection of films.
■Product name
LED illuminated magnifier
■Model name
OLIGHT-CL (light box type)
■Product specifications

Magnification lineup 2XAR,4XAR
Lens method BIG-Rector Interchangeable Lens System
Effective lens dimension (mm) 180×120
Lens material optical glass
Working distance (mm) 2x: 160, 4x: 100
AR (anti-reflection) coated lens lineup standard equipment
light source Epi-illumination section/transmitted illumination section High color rendering white LED (Ra≧90)
input voltage 100V~240V・50/60Hz・A plug
power consumption 10W+10W
Dimming function 100%~10%
Main body
Weight (Kg) 3.3 (excluding lens weight)
Overall height (mm) 340
Post/horizontal bar (diameter/mm) Φ16/Φ13
Transmitted illumination part dimensions (mm) 210×298
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