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Dimmable/color toning LED light box



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■Product features
LZ-1 is an auxiliary light source device for visual inspection that has dimming (adjustment function of lighting brightness) and color toning (mixing of warm color light and cool color light) functions.

Inspections using transmitted illumination, from surface inspection inside through-holes of thick workpieces to pinhole inspections of film-like workpieces, require various illumination intensities, but transmitted illumination inspections that use direct light from the light source require The quality of light (illuminance and color temperature) greatly affects eye fatigue.

The LZ-1 dimming/color toning LED light box is equipped with a light intensity adjustment function as standard to harmonize the ambient brightness and the illuminance of the inspection light, and also adjusts the blue light range (380-500nm) included in the light beam. Equipped with two LEDs: a Warm White color LED with approximately 25% reduction in brightness, and a Cool White color LED, and the brightness and color tone of the lighting can be adjusted using independent switches.

Please use it as a unique auxiliary light source for visual inspection, as the brightness and color of the illumination can be changed according to various inspection conditions such as the surface gloss and shape of the object to be observed.

■Product name
Dimmable/color toning LED light box

■Model name
LZ-1 type

■Product specifications

light source White LED (set of 2 colors: Warm White and Cool White)
input voltage 100V/50/60Hz/A plug *Up to 240V can be used by changing the AC plug cord.
illuminance 24,000lux/MAX 5,700lux/MIN (measured/sampled data at 0mm position of center of diffusion plate)
power consumption 20W/MAX (when both LEDs are lit at maximum) 4W/MIN (when one side LED is lit at minimum)
Dimming function Yes/between 100 and 0%
Main body
Product weight (Kg) 2.5
Body dimensions (mm) 340×353×60H
Light emitting part dimensions (mm) 210×298
Operating temperature limit 5℃~35℃
Dustproof/waterproof protection grade IP30
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