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Large diameter glass scale GS-A

Large diameter glass scale GS-A

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■Product features
・The large-diameter glass scale GS-A is a precision scale with scales and various gauges deposited on the glass surface.
It is possible to directly measure the shape of the object by placing the GS-A in close contact with the object to be measured using a magnifying glass, etc.
- Six types of scales are drawn on the surface of the Φ76mm circular glass, and the outer aluminum frame is equipped with rubber knurling for ease of use.
■Product name
Large diameter glass scale GS-A
■Product specifications

diameter Φ90mm
Thickness 8mm
Material optical glass
processing Cr vapor deposition
accuracy ±0.005mm
scale 60mm scale (0.1mm scale)
Protractor (0° to 90°)
Earl gauge (1.5-0.2mm)
Pitch gauge (0.5-1.75mm)
Square gauge (2.0~0.3mm)
Taper gauge (0.5~0.1mm)
Weight (g) 50
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