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LED hole/groove/inner surface inspection magnifying glass

Boa Loupe-F

Boa Loupe-F

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■Product features
・This product was developed to inspect the inside and bottom surfaces of "small diameter holes", "blind holes", and "deep grooves" that are difficult to inspect.The F type uses a free arm type, allowing for flexibility in installation and use. It is a high quality and easy to use product.
・By using coaxial lighting, the human line of sight and the optical axis of the lighting are the same, making it possible to inspect inside holes where light cannot reach.
- Equipped with a switchable lens with 2x/3x magnification as standard, and uses LED as the light source.
・Options include a "Polarizing Filter" for inspecting mirror-like workpieces, "Bore Loupe-PUL" for increasing magnification, and "Working Distance Extender WDE-B" for extending the working distance to inspect inside longer holes. We have it ready.
*All options are attached to a 3x lens.
■Product name
LED hole/groove/inner surface inspection magnifying glass
■Model name
Bore magnifier-F type (free arm type)
■Product specifications

Magnification lineup 2x, 3x
Lens effective diameter (mm) Φ40
Lens material optical glass
Working distance (mm) 2x/147 3x/55
Lens method Switchable
AR (anti-reflection) coated lens lineup standard equipment
light source white LED
input voltage 100-240V/50/60Hz/A plug (with AC adapter)
power consumption 1.2W
Dimming function none
Main body
Product weight (Kg) 2.0
Arm length (mm) 600
Head dimensions (mm) 112X68X70H
Clampable width (mm) 15~60
Operating temperature limit 0℃~35℃
Dustproof/waterproof protection grade IP30
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