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LED hole/groove/inner surface inspection magnifying glass

bore loupe polarizing filter

bore loupe polarizing filter

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■Product features
・Polarizing filters have the property of only transmitting wavelengths in one direction out of random wavelengths. This has the effect of removing unnecessary wavelengths from the surface reflections of objects, making it easier to inspect glossy surfaces and highly reflective objects.
Polarizing filters also have a light attenuation effect, which reduces the amount of light passing through the lens.
■Product name
Option for “Boa Loupe” Boa Loupe Polarizing Filter
■Product specifications

Main body
Lens effective diameter (mm) Φ40
Mounting method Attached to the top of the 3x lens frame
AR (anti-reflection) coated lens lineup none
Lens material optical glass
composition 1 sheet
Compatible models For Boa Loupe 3x lens only *Cannot be used for 2x lens.
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