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LED surface scratch inspection lighting

bar light 2

bar light 2

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■Product features
・Bar lights use a combination of high-intensity LEDs and lenses arranged in parallel to irradiate a flat beam of light onto an object, eliminating irregularities such as minute scratches, dust, and sink marks on the surface. Inspection lighting to more easily detect defects.
・Not only can it be used alone, but it can also be used in combination as auxiliary illumination for optical equipment such as a magnifying glass to improve defect detection ability.
・The Barlight II type does not have the ability to adjust the light intensity or the beam spread angle; all of them are fixed.
・Optional options include a "tilt stand" that can hold one main unit in place, a "double tilt stand" that can use two main units, and a "bar light free arm" that is suitable for environments that require flexibility, and can be held with one hand. We have a ``bar light grip'' that allows you to do this.
■Product name
LED surface scratch inspection lighting
■Model name
bar light 2
■Product specifications

light source High brightness white LED x 7 pieces
input voltage 100V/50/60Hz/A plug (with AC adapter)
*Voltage cannot be changed.
Illuminance (irradiation spread angle 6°/actual value) 150mm/15000Lx, 200mm/10000Lx, 300mm/5800Lx, 400mm/3600Lx
power consumption 8W
Dimming function none
Irradiation spread angle adjustment function None/Fixed
Main body
product weight 370g (300g for irradiation head only)
Dustproof/waterproof protection grade IP40
Operating temperature limit 0°~40°
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